Should I choose a Bluelight or Whitelight SAD treatment?

Have you or someone you know has been diagnosed with Seasonal Affective Disorder?  Then you need to establish the most effective treatment.  Any medical professional can advise on the best course of action which may include light therapy treatment.  If so you will find yourself asking ‘Should I choose a Bluelight or Whitelight SAD treatment’?

There are noticeable differences between Bluelight SAD lights and whitelight devices besides the obvious colour that have advantages over each other, depending on your lifestyle and the status of your health.

Bluelight SAD Lights

Bluelight devices only use LED’s to replicate the natural blue wavelength of light.  This specific wavelength is less intense than the full spectrum of white light, but more effective as it removes the unnecessary ones; so while it creates the medically required 10,000 lux to treat Seasonal Affective Disorder, it actually reduces the overall treatment time to 15-20 minutes.  This makes them ideal if you lead a busy lifestyle and also are much more compact so easy to take to work or on holiday.

Full spectrum or Whitelight SAD Lights

The traditional Whitelight SAD lights, sometimes referred to as ‘Full Spectrum’ lights typically give off at least the required ten thousand lux required to treat SAD.  The spectrum of white light also includes every wavelength of light similar to sunlight so more closely replicates what we experience on a daily basis.  While historically white SAD lights used bulbs (and many still do) there are some that use white LED’s instead which give more economical use.  Treatment time is longer for white SAD lights ranging on average between 30 minutes to an hour.

Choosing a SAD Light

A lot of the decision comes down to preference over how long for and where you can have a SAD light therapy treatment in determining whether or not you should choose a bluelight or whitelight.  A small amount of people find the blue light can cause headaches when first being used until their eyes are used to the unfamiliar predominant blue in rare occasion.  Before you do pick a Seasonal Affective Disorder therapy light you should fully consult your GP to ensure it is medically advised and safe to do so as if you suffer from any eye condition or disease it can damage your eyesight.


  1. Hi
    My daughters needing a sad lamp but unsure which to buy? She gets depressed from October onwards. Can you please advise white or blue lamp? Go just said to buy a lamp! Thankyou.
    Regards, Janet.

  2. I suffer from migraine, would a light box affect this because sometimes sunshine can bring on a attack, and are they safe to use?

    • Hi Sally,

      There have been reports of people who suffer from migraines having them trigged by SAD Lights but there is not currently enough research around to say definitively. You should always speak to a Medical professional such as your GP before using any SAD light and get their advice. Any SAD Light that has been Medically Certified is safe to use and any product information will clearly indicate that they are certified.

  3. I bought a sad light to see if it would lighten a dark kitchen and it was amazing and made me feel very happy. However I do not think I suffer with sad and really would like the same effect in a pane of glass – just to lighten a dark area as if by sunlight. Do you have any ideas?

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