Are you feeling SAD in the Summertime?

Seasonal Affective Disorder primarily causes problems for sufferers during the winter months, however for a smaller portion of the population and even some who experience winter depression may end up feeling SAD in the Summertime.

Typically the arrival of sunny weather during the spring and summer seasons is welcome relief to many, but increasingly SAD is triggered for an unlucky few in contrast.  There is still a lot of research and study into the causes of Summer Seasonal Affective Disorder but it is thought that susceptibility to other types of depression including winter SAD is a likely cause, but also longer days, too much sun and even higher temperatures may play a significant part also.

Some of the more common symptoms experienced by sufferers of the ‘summertime blues’ include insomnia, loss of hunger and increased irritability on top of general depression as well which can lead to a potential higher risk of suicide than when experiencing winter SAD.

If you feel that you may be feeling the effects of Summertime SAD it is advisable to seek the help and diagnosis of a Medical Professional before it could potentially become something more serious.

As study into Summer time Seasonal Affective Disorder is still relatively in the early stages some sufferers have reported alleviation of symptoms through keeping cool and staying in the shade.

Other factors to look at that may help with reducing the effects of the symptoms are eating a more healthy diet so that your body gets the energy and nutrients it needs.  Blackout blinds for your bedroom would help to block out the extra hours of sunlight so that in conjunction with a programmed Dawn Simulator light you can have the same gentle sunrise and sunset you are used to in order to help keep your body clock (circadian rhythms) in check.

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  1. Hi
    I have known for years that the effect of sunlight has a major influence on my energy levels. I have been trying in vain to try to persuade people that the production (or lack of ) of vitamin D3 is not the only thing effecting me.I eat loads of vitamin laden foods in case you ask,
    I have been exposed to bucket loads of direct sunlight during this summer and I’m still puzzled why I find it a task to stay awake, The effect is more or less instant, I can be driving,or walking on a normal summers day and the SECOND and I mean the SECOND a cloud comes over I feel my eyelids getting heavy,
    It’s as immediate as someone pulling a switch.This CANNOT be vitamin D3 deficiency can it?

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