Fight Jet-Lag with a SAD Light

Jet-lag is something that we all can suffer from when travelling into different time zones and often writes off the first day or two of a holiday.  One key aspect of light therapy devices and dawn simulators is  their function of helping the body achieve a natural and normal circadian rhythm.  This feature can be used to make the effects or travel easier on your body so you can fight Jet-Lag with a SAD Light.

General symptoms of jet-lag include tiredness, congestion, trouble digesting food, aches and pains, thrombosis to name a few; all of which are signs that your body clock is struggling to adjust.  Many of us have experienced the cramped spaces, dry recycled air and lack of sleep on a plane, but with the help of a SAD light you can minimise the effects.

As SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder Lights work by creating an artificial light that emulates the same wavelengths that cause the human eye to start producing Serotonin which is critical in regulating circadian rhythms.  Depending on the SAD light used you can receive enough light from them in 15 – 60 minutes if used relatively early in the day.

If you are able, prior to your next plane flight try and adjust your body clock.  If you are travelling west you should aim to stay awake for long in the evening and arise later in the morning.  You can use a SAD therapy light towards the evening for around half an hour starting two or three days beforehand and increasing the time your start by around an hour each  time.

Alternatively if you are travelling east you need to use the SAD light earlier in the morning, increasingly earlier every day.  Another advantage of using a SAD light is that most are designed to be compact so can be packed easily and taken with you on holiday to be used when you arrive.  It also means you can start to help adjust your body clock back before you travel home.

In addition to using a SAD light to fight Jet-Lag there are other options as well that will help to minimise the effects.  You can also use a Dawn Simulator which can be programmed for a specific time to simulate a sunrise or sunset which is a more gentler way to start and end the day earlier or later to help adjust to travelling.

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