Lumie Brand Review

One of the oldest brands to create products to help fight the effects of Seasonal Affective Disorder is Lumie.  Having started over two decades ago Lumie were the first company to produce a dawn simulator or ‘wake up light’ which is their bestselling Lumie Body Clock that works to create a sunrise and sunset enabling a more natural sleeping pattern; today the brand has a wide range of SAD lights to fit in with various lifestyles and daily routines.

As many of us spend most of the day working it can be difficult finding time for that essential SAD treatment so Lumie SAD Lights are made as different models such as the Lumie Brazil SAD Light which is a free-standing unit for versatility in where you need it placed and gives the most powerful treatment in the range and takes 30 minutes.  They also produce a Lumie Desklamp that is great if you spend a great deal of time in an office, find it easier to have a SAD light on a table at home or prefer a device that is a little more inconspicuous and blends in with you decor.

Popular Products

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