SAD Solutions Review

SAD Solutions Brand Review

The SAD Solutions brand have worked to create the most versatile, easy to use and fast treatment time for Seasonal Affective Disorder as there are increasingly more people around the world that lead busy lifestyles so have less time available to have a full spectrum session.  The result has been their flagship SAD Solutions BLUElight which solely uses the blue light wavelength as it the most intense of the spectrum and gives a shorter treatment time of 15-20 minutes rather than an hour or more and emits 10,000 Lux.

The handy almost Blu-Ray case size of the SAD Solutions BLUE Light makes it not only easy to transport especially with 3-4 treatments available on each battery charge  but takes up very little space making it handy for use on a desk at work for example.  Of course the BLUElight also has a mains power source as well should it not be needed to be portable.  There is also an extremely user-friendly interface in the form of buttons with an LCD display screen allowing the user to simply set a timer for their treatment and let the blue LED’s do their work.

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