The Litepod Company Brand Review

Litepod Company

Originally established as Full Spectrum Lighting in the 1980’s to work with the NHS to create medical devices to help sufferers of Seasonal Affective Disorder fight the debilitating symptoms; The Litepod Company now has a varied range of SAD lights designed to give a wide choice of treatments making it much easier for everyone to fit it into their lifestyle and routine.   The very first Litepod Company SAD light was the popular Light Box which was eventually replaced by the Litepod Diamond Light Box range – both of which offer full spectrum treatments the last from 15 minutes to an hour depending on how long you have each day for one.

Since these innovations the Litepod Company has produced a DawnLite; Dawn Simulator so if you live in areas with very little sunlight or work night shifts and suffer from SAD you can use it to create an artificial sunrise and sunset to help your body clock adjust more natural during the most relaxing times of the day.  The latest SAD light from The Lite Pod Company the LED version of their SAD light design which gives users not only a much brighter light at 10,000 Lux for greater treatment effect but also on average will last for thousands of hours so you won’t have to change the bulbs as with the previous versions.

Popular Products

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