Top 5 SAD Lights in 2016

Choosing the right light therapy treatment for your individual lifestyle  can be daunting at first with there being so many SAD Lights available to  purchase from various brands that have different functions.  Having this in mind here at we have extensively looked at all of the Seasonal Affective Disorder lights and narrowed them down to the ones we think are the Top 5 SAD Lights in 2016.

There are a few key factors to consider in buying a SAD Light that can help to determine not only which of our Top 5 Seasonal Affective Disorder  lights is most suited to you, but any others that you may look at as well.  These factors include the amount of free time you have during the average day for a light therapy treatment; how much you have to spend; and which size is most appropriate whether for the space you have available or in terms of portability.

The main focus we feel should be on your individual available treatment time, but we have taken all of these factors along with a few others into our considerations of our favourite five for this year.

SAD Solutions BLUELight

SAD Solutions BLUELight

The SAD Solutions BLUELight is a different type of unit from the rest of these five Seasonal Affective Disorder lights as it uses LED’s that have entirely singled out the blue light wavelength.  Using solely this type of light makes it more intense and efficient so the treatment time is typically 15-20 minutes.  LED’s have a greater lifespan than standard SAD bulbs as well so the BLUELight is much more cost effective in the long run.  Another advantage of the SAD Solutions BLUELight is the compact size and also the low weight so is the easiest to transport of these five.


SAD Solutions Mini DAYlight

SAD Solutions Mini DAYLightThe Mini-DAYlight from SAD Solutions is the most cost effective in terms of units for treating Seasonal Affective Disorder due to a low cost and ability to provide a shorter treatment time than most white light SAD bulbs depending on the distance it is away from your vision.  The SAD Solutions Mini DAYlight emits 10,000 lux so is more than capable for a full treatment which requires at least 2,500 and can be used for a minimum of half an hour which is handy if you lead a busy lifestyle.  The relatively compact size of this Mini DAYlight means that it can be transported for continued use and makes it more discreet.


LitePod Company SAD Light

Litepod Company SAD Light

Also a compact unit; the LitePod Company SAD Light is similar in principle to our previous top 5 SAD light in 2016 as it can be transported fairly easily and takes up little room.  This LitePod Seasonal Affective Disorder light can also be placed either upright or on its side which is advantageous depending on the usable space you have available.  Treatment time options vary at 45 minutes at 10,000 lux and an hour at 2,500 lux depending on how long you have and only one treatment per day is needed with the LitePod Company SAD Light as well.


Luminette SAD Light Glasses

Luminette SAD Light Glasses

While not to everyone’s tastes the Luminette SAD Light Glasses are an innovative way of receiving a short light therapy treatment that doesn’t prevent you from going about a daily routine up to light physical activity.  They are designed to be worn similarly to a pair of regular glasses or sunglasses and these will actually fit over them if you need them to see as the Luminette glasses are designed to not obscure your natural field of view.  These SAD light glasses work by having 8 LED’s that are placed out of your vision and give off 2,500 lux which is diffracted back directly into the pupil for a 25 minute treatment.  These LED’s like all SAD bulbs are UV-free and single out more of the blue wavelength than a standard light for greater efficiency overall.


Lumie Brazil SAD Light

Lumie Brazile SAD Light

Larger than the rest of our Top 5 SAD lights in 2016; the Lumie Brazil SAD Light isn’t as easy to take with you but still can be, plus it provides an effective light therapy treatment in just half an hour.  The Lumie Brazil has quite a modern, minimalist concave design so won’t look out of place anywhere you choose to place it.  A 10,000 lux output at 45cm distance away from you through the soft light diffuser enables the quick treatment time of 30 minutes.  If you do need to take the Lumie Brazil SAD Light away with you it weights just 3.1 kilos and has an integrated handle for ease of carry.



All of our Top 5 SAD Lights for 2016 have been fully certified as medical devices which is something you should always check when choosing a light therapy device.  Also ensure you have consulted a medical professional to ensure that it is recommended for you to use a SAD Light to treat your diagnosed Seasonal Affective Disorder.


  1. very helpful guidance for buying a SAD light

  2. Hi I am interested in a sad lamp as I suffer with depression and hate been out in the sun as I burn very easily. When I do go out I use factor 50. Could you plz recommend the right one for me?

  3. ordered a lamp last week but not received.
    left messages but no reply?
    i feel i have been conned as there is not way
    to contact this org.
    beware if you are buying here…..

    • Hi Lynda,

      We don’t sell SAD Lights ourselves so we’re confused as to why you think we’ve sold one to you. Do you know which website you ordered from?

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