How does the Weather affect SAD?

There are a number of factors that are known to contribute towards causing Seasonal Affective Disorder besides a significant lack of sunlight.  One in particular is thought to be the climate changing throughout the year, so we’ve looked at how does the weather affect SAD?

While SAD is predominantly referred to as the ‘Winter Blues’ due to the effects the darker and colder season has on people who suffer from it experience, there are those who are affected by ‘Summertime Blues’ as well.  It is thought that the weather itself could have both minor and significant implications if you do suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder, especially if you live in a place like the UK where the conditions can wildly vary every day.

The expectation of bright sunshine and warm weather can equally bring a much better outlook for some people, as it does others who find the heat and too much brightness unfavourable.  Either way the uncertainty and effect that gloomy, wet and cold weather can have, may be debilitating.

Spells of bad weather can ruin expectations and plans that can make you feel unhappy, which can lead to negative connotations connected to that kind of weather which may become almost a natural response.  So each time that there is even a sign of the weather changing those feelings of gloom, disappointment and even depression can appear.

It can be difficult to disassociate with those feelings, especially if you suffer from other forms of depression including Seasonal Affective Disorder but studies into how the weather affects SAD and even general ill-feeling when the conditions turn not to our liking have shown that changing perceptions about it has helped in some cases.

So when the weather changes, even just for a few hours or when the colder temperatures are approaching for the winter season and the light is much less prevalent in addition to speaking to a medical professional and using a SAD Light if you have one, try being mindful and accepting the weather for what it is may help. Finding alternative activities and socialising more on those days with an aim to creating practical associations and happy memories to supersede any negative feelings towards the weather.

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